Reeenvisioning motherhood for personal and planetary wellness.

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Praxis is a process of putting theory into practice. Change is possible. Inner awareness has the potential to lead to outer transformation.

Mothering is often presented as something we should already know how to do when we become mothers. Yet a developmental approach to the transition into motherhood shows this representation to be false. Instead, we can investigate mothering as a dynamic interplay between theory and practice, reenvisioning motherhood for ourselves, our families, and our planet through our mother praxis.


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Helping mothers root into who they truly are with a developmentally-informed approach to mental health, aiming to reenvision the challenges within the perinatal period and beyond as a growth process that all mothers experience.


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Examining perinatal eco-related mental health distress through an psychoecological developmental model (located as a domain of matrescence) and developing curricula to support mothers through these challenges. 


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Educating mothers and mother-supporting professionals on the developmental theory of motherhood, with a specific focus on the ecological, to support their own and other's journey into motherhood and beyond.


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Welcome to Mother Praxis, a podcast for mothers challenging norms and reenvisioning motherhood for themselves, their families, and our planet. 

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Personal and Planetary Wellness
Season 2 Trailer

"Wow, what an essential topic - matrescence! The developmental period of motherhood. The information that Dr. Davis gives is absolutely vital both for the wellbeing of our species and the soul of all mothers.”

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Funky Farm Girl 
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“Allison has a soothing voice. She encourages and empowers [us] to be confident in their own methods of mothering.”

“Allison has a soothing voice. She encourages and empowers [us] to be confident in their own methods of mothering.”

Funky Farm Girl 
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“It’s funny how things come into your life right at the exact moment you need them. I’ve listened to every episode and am really connecting with the content and the voices of the interviewer and interviewees. Can’t wait for the next episode!”

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 Motherhood as a rite of passage

This course offers an overview of the transitional phase of motherhood, known as matrescence, to help you approach your growth in a developmental way.
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Ecological Awakenings in Motherhood

This course will help you reframe environmental and climate-related anxiety as part of your developmental growth, offering a way through and out of growing pains like perfection and panic.
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Matrescence: the Developmental Phase of Motherhood

An overview of the theory of matrescence revived by Dr. Aurelie Athan of Teacher's College Columbia and contributed to by scholars in fields as wide-ranging as neurobiology to advertising.
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