'A developmental psychoecological approach to maternal mental health views what some might call a climate-related "adjustment disorder" as a call from the ecological self rather than a poor response to a difficult life situation.'

Ecological Awakening of Motherhood, Dr. Allison Davis

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As a new mother, I often found myself disoriented by the rapid transformations of the perinatal period, wondering why I wasn’t adjusting like everybody else (or so I assumed). After struggling to feel like myself in the mother role, I decided it was time for a developmental perspective that supported me in growing into the person I was meant to become — rooting into my own resilience. Through my evolution I found a clear purpose supporting other mothers in unlocking the potential of the transformational period of motherhood.

A developmental perspective can help you too, by holding your growing pains within your overall resilient growth in the transition into motherhood (and motherhood again), showing you your unique path through the meaningful challenge of your becoming.


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Helping mothers root into who they truly are with a developmentally-informed approach to mental health, aiming to reenvision the challenges within the perinatal period and beyond as a growth process that all mothers experience.


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Examining perinatal eco-related mental health distress through an psychoecological developmental model (located as a domain of matrescence) and developing curricula to support mothers through these challenges. 


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Educating mothers and mother-supporting professionals on the developmental theory of motherhood, with a specific focus on the ecological, to support their own and other's journey into motherhood and beyond.


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Dr. Allison Davis, is a counselor, educator, and researcher of maternal mental health. Her developmental psychoecological approach, grounded in the natural world, weaves together modern research and ancient wisdom to help mothers root into who they are and who they are becoming through the perinatal period and beyond.  


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