Season 2 of Mother Praxis Podcast: Personal is Planetary

podcast season 2 Oct 04, 2021


It's that time! After a month off we're back with monthly episodes starting our second year-long season.  

We're asking: What kind of mother do you want to become? How does that differ from mainstream motherhood norms? How can we challenge the norms that contribute to mothers feeling lost, isolated, and alone? How can we reenvision mothering to help mothers feel rooted, connected, and revitalized? How can we extend mother work to include ourselves, our communities, and even our planet!?

So welcome (back) to Mother Praxis, a podcast for mothers challenging norms and reenvisioning motherhood for themselves, their families, and our planet. 

Join me in this second season to explore mothering theory/practice that includes mother work that nurtures personal and planetary wellness by protecting the knowledge and resources that sustain all life on our planet.

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Listen to the Mother Praxis podcast, exploring how we can challenge norms and reenvision motherhood for ourselves, our families, and our planet. 

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