Creativity as a Thread through Motherhood with Tiffany Paul

Season #1 Episode #121

Tiffany Paul shares how creativity was the thread that connected her mothering experiences from a teenage mother to a mother of three, exploring how the interconnections of mothering, creating art, and connecting with nature define her mothering practice. 

We'll be talking about aspects of Tiffany's mothering practice on Instagram @motherpraxis and I hope you'll join us!

Tiffany Paul is a homeschooling mother of three living close to the Earth in Central Texas. In her efforts to understand her own mothering role and support other women in theirs, she has worked as a birth doula and parenting coach. Currently she is exploring her relationship with nature and her ancestors through her work with The Folk Folk, a small creative studio focused on telling the story of nature and creating botanical magic. She is a life-long student and aims to include infusions of poetry, blessings, gratitude, and hope in all that she does.

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