Science + the Sacred and Maternal Mental Health with Annie Broadbent

Season #1 Episode #115

Annie Broadbent, a holistic psychosynthesis counselor, shares how the medicalized approach to maternal mental health and wellness may not serve mothers as well as one might think. We explore what shifts / changes/ transforms when a psychospiritual lens is applied to a mother's birth in matrescence.

Our conversation covers:

  • Her understanding of the sacred and several archetypes of human interaction with the sacred
  • The importance of bringing opposites and the resulting tension as opportunity for growth
  • Why pathologizing mother's struggles does more harm than good for maternal health
  • Discussion of the labels we put on mothers' experiences of the shadow of mothering
  • Ways forward, both micro and macro, to shift the status quo approach to supporting mothers 

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Annie is a psychosynthesis counsellor specialising in grief and bereavement and perinatal issues and on the training team at Psychosynthesis Trust in London. She is also author of Speaking of Death: What the Bereaved Really Need and writes for a range of outlets, exploring life’s major experiences, from motherhood, to death and grief and spirituality. Annie is particularly passionate about challenging the medicalised approach to health and wellness, advocating instead a holistic and psychospiritual lens on the individual and humanity. Previous to training she worked in corporate wellbeing and she was also a singer in a band and toured Europe. She still loves to sing.

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