Exploring Gardening as Horticulture Therapy with Danielle Smith

Season #1 Episode #109

Danielle Smith, owner of Garden Like a Mother and a professional gardening mentor, shares the health benefits of gardening and advice on how to get outside, get in the dirt, and grow your own food starting today. 

Our conversation covers: 

  • Public health models of health that emphasizes interconnection
  • What a professional garden mentor does
  • How Danielle's gardening and mothering philosophy intersect 
  • Social and emotional gardening benefits
  • How gardening helped Danielle with a challenging postpartum experience
  • Gardening as self care
  • The progression of shoots, roots, and fruits
  • How and why to get started gardening now

Danielle Smith is a professional garden mentor and founder of Garden Like a Mother. She helps moms grow fresh food at home with ease and confidence so they can lead their families in living healthier, happier, and more intentional lives. She believes that gardening is much more than a hobby-- it's holistic lifestyle that creates better lives for gardeners and sends out positive ripple effects across communities and our planet. She is a self-taught gardener and holds a master's degree in Public Health, with an emphasis on food systems and chronic disease prevention.

More information:

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