Healing With and Through the Ancestral Motherline with Liz Hummer

Season #1 Episode #104

Liz Hummer, holistic psychotherapist and intuitive guide, shares her personal exploration of her motherline after the birth of her son. 

Our conversation covers:

  • an introduction to her understanding of the motherline
  • how the motherline helped her reframe the initial burden of motherhood and shift her personal struggle with anxiety
  • the tools she used to explore her motherline
  • the familial lore and wisdom she uncovered through her exploration
  • how connecting with her pre-Christian roots helped her find a greater sense of belonging
  • how her indigenous roots helped connect her with ancestors of the land in a new way
  • and how the motherline can help us understand and address personal and collective intergenerational trauma
  • how the motherline concept helped her in her mothering of herself and others
  • why the motherline is relevant to all people (hint: we're all born of mothers)
  • how the motherline can be a portal for spiritual awakening and growth
  • how she works with the motherline concept in her private practice
  • the free e-book she developed for you to explore your motherground, or map the landscape of your motherline through journaling

Liz Hummer is a holistic therapist and intuitive guide for the parenthood journey who weaves the mystical back into mental health. With her therapy practice, Wild Awaken, she grounds inclusive spiritual practices and ancient wisdom in the latest science of neurobiology, epigenetics and inherited trauma to help parents heal generational wounds and claim their unique soul-aligned lives for themselves, their families and our world. As a mama herself to a 3-year-old spirited old soul, Liz believes awakening to what we carry, what we can let go, what we can reclaim, and what we want to pass down can free us to live with intention, expand our souls, and nurture a healthier reality for our next generation. She lives in a small mountain town in the Pacific Northwest, ancestral lands of the Klickitat people, with her partner, son, wise old dog and three wacky alpacas.

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