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Dr. Allison Davis, MS, LPC(C), PhD

      Founder, Southwest Perinatal Counseling



As a counselor, educator, and researcher of maternal mental health, Allison's psychoecological approach to maternal wellness, grounded in the natural world, helps mothers root into who they are and who they are becoming through the perinatal period and beyond. As founder of Southwest Perinatal Counseling, she brings a developmental approach to mothers and clinicians in New Mexico and Texas through counseling, courses, and clinical community. Her research on the development of a mothers' ecological growth in the transition into motherhood, or matrescence, focuses on reframing eco-related distress as resilience and offering a path through the mental health dangers of idealized green motherhood.

Counselor, Researcher, & Educator

  • 10+ years clinical experience with mothers as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and founder of Southwest Perinatal Counseling, LLC.
  • Doctoral-level researcher developing an ecological developmental model for perinatal eco-related mental health distress and related curricula supporting mothers.
  • Adjunct faculty at Alliant International University in the Master's of Clinical Counseling program and supervisor for new therapists in New Mexico.
  • Audiences: mothers and mothers' support systems, including mother-interfacing professionals like women's center staff, emergency first responders, school districts, and justice system staff. 

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Types of Speaking and Topics

Keynotes for original research.


The ecological awakening of mothers and a stage model for understanding mother's ecological development in matrescence. 

Seminars for clinical training.


Climate-related anxiety and grief in mothers and reframing mothers' environmental activism to support lived experiences.

Workshops for hands-on learning.


Nature-allied experiential counseling for mothers and ecotherapy applications for clinical professionals. 

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